Duet Enterprise Workflow SharePoint Extension

Author:  Kiki Shuxteau

This is a follow up
blog on a SAP blog about how to
develop a custom workflow solution on the backend. This blog is to explain how
workflow works on the SharePoint side and offer some customization entry points
for you to create extended solutions leverage SAP backend process and SharePoint
workflow and flexible UI options.
let us review how workflow function is working on Duet Enterprise.
workflow feature enables SAP business process expose to SharePoint in a
declarative manner. It abstracts away the site structure needed to keep the
distinct task types from exposing to the calling application. Each workflow
decision step maps to a SharePoint task type. Each task type is hosted within a
workflow subsite that is built on top of the taskflow template. The
customization can be applied per task type without changing any backend code.
SAP creates tasks via Duet Enterprise workflow service. SP end user interact
with backend process via BDC task entity’s user actions to send decision result
When we configure workflow on the SharePoint side, we are essentially registering a
set of target URLs for SAP to send documents to. For each task type, we are
assigning a subsite and a target library. When SAP
XML payload to the SharePoint business data document library, the SharePoint
approval workflow is started. Approval task is generated. Duet Enterprise
provides a task interface that includes additional web parts and SAP data. In
this blog, we will talk about options of customizing the SharePoint user
SharePoint workflow extension Options:

1.    Building dynamic “related links” or “Related Actions” with workflow parameters from the  SAP backend; one use case is to  take user to the collaborative
workspace based on related entities.

You  can configure Related Actions list to open collaboration workspace to show user
the workflow related contextual information. DUET ENTERPRISE related actions web
part will pick up the token and replace with the correct value

In this case, I am opening up a purchase order collaboration workspace that is
related to this workflow. Say I want to approve PO ID 10010. SAP sends the
POIDextended property within the BizDoc XML payload. SharePoint will use this parameter to
open the workspace for the specific business entity.

Alternatively, if I want to open a site page or application page or external page with the SAP
parameters, I can configure the related links list to make it
this case, I added an item to related links list and try to use the SAP biz
document extended property named URL to generate a dynamic link.


 2.    Customize
Task interface by modifying the SPD generated InfoPath form associated with the
approval workflow.


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